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Everything I'm not,made me who I am.I'm wearing kaca mata to see LIFE. I'm also a daughter and a student.being a twenty is not easy as you think!this is my blog so it follows my rules! sila pakai kaca mata hitam anda bila lawat ini blog ;D sekiranya anda tidak berpuas hati dengan isi kandungan dan jalan cerita yg terkandung dalam blog ini sila tekan kotak X yg berwarna merah disebelah atas kanan anda. dan jika ada mahu jadi FOLLOWER saya sila scroll sampai bawah ye.ini bukan ugutan tapi amaran! segala kerjasama adalah amat dihargai ;D

Saturday, March 13, 2010

end of second semester :::))

jari menjadi juri..itulah tagline untuk akademi fantasia yg bakal bermula tonight..but the tagline for me right now is minda menghitung know what??? it is because of i will be leaving kuantan tmmorrow afternoon....yeahhh that what i like the most now... ::) hoyeaahhhh... after having such a stress and tension week at last I can take a breath... all my stuff i have packed it up for past few is the first thing that i do after my psychology exam has finished... now while I bloging i'm studying for MTC 037 because i have two examination that i have to face tommorow... I do really hope that everything run just pray for me that I can do my damn hardest to sit for the examination.....

current mood:: is gogling what is the easiest way to remember the notes that we readdd :://

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